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Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis

A tourist jewel located in the Serra de Tramuntana, formed at the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis. Designated a Natural Monument in 2003, this impressive cove offers a rich biodiversity with more than 300 endemic species. Its imposing cliffs of more than 200 metres high, sculpted over thousands of years, create a unique natural setting. Sa Calobra is not only a destination to enjoy nature, but also an open-air space used for outstanding events, such as the famous Torrent de Pareis Concert, held annually in summer.

Torrent de Pareis Sa Calobra

Cala Tuent

Cala Tuent

A natural treasure between Sa Costera and Sa Calobra in Mallorca. Approximately 180 metres long, this cove offers a majestic view of Puig Major, the highest peak on the island. From the shore, contemplate the imposing presence of this mountain, creating a setting of incomparable beauty and grandeur. Cala Tuent is a haven of peace and serenity, where nature presents itself in its purest and wildest form, attracting those seeking to disconnect from the urban hustle and bustle.

Cúber reservoir

Artificial reservoir located on the slopes of Puig Major and Morro de Cúber in Mallorca. Together with the Gorg Blau reservoir, it plays a vital role in supplying water to the city of Palma and its surroundings, being an essential pillar in the regional water supply.

The reservoir's name, Cúber, originates from the nearby estate of the same name, adding a layer of history and tradition to this important water resource. The peak that rises above the reservoir, known as the Morro de Cúber, shares this name, further enriching its significance and connection to the local environment. Discover the historical and natural importance of Cúber in Mallorca.


Gorg Blau

Gorg Blau reservoir

Discover the Gorg Blau reservoir, strategically located between the majestic mountains of Puig Major and Puig de Massanella. Since its inauguration in 1971, this reservoir has been vital in supplying water to the city of Palma, together with the Cúber reservoir. Recognised for its ecological and scenic importance, the Government of the Balearic Islands designated it a Natural Monument in 2003. This recognition highlights its value as a natural treasure that deserves protection and preservation for future generations, thus ensuring the perpetuation of its beauty and its crucial role in the regional environmental balance. Explore the beauty and importance of the Gorg Blau reservoir in Mallorca.


Discover the fascinating history of Lluc, an emblematic place of pilgrimage since the discovery of the Virgin of Lluc in the 13th century. From its establishment as a priory in 1456 and the seat of the parish of Escorca, to the present day, its Renaissance church, erected between 1622 and 1691, has witnessed multiple renovations, influenced even by Antoni Gaudí in the 20th century. The venerated image of the Moreneta, crowned in 1884, remains a prominent symbol. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Lluc Sanctuary, a valuable heritage of the Mallorcan Diocese.

Lluc Escorca

Vinyes Mortitx

Vinyes Mortitx stands out in Mallorca for its unique location in the Serra de Tramuntana, generating a special microclimate for its vineyards. With 20 hectares, it produces around 100,000 bottles a year of white, rosé, red wines and a unique sweet wine. It uses varieties such as Malvasia, Chardonnay, Syrah and Callet, combining artisanal techniques with modernity to bring out the freshness and minerality of its wines. Discover the quality wines of Vinyes Mortitx and enjoy the authentic Mallorcan experience in every sip.

Viñas Mortitx Escorca